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Doing the a happy dance!

I absolutely LOVE hubby at the moment - he has really, really fixed my puter now AND retrieved all my lost files, emails & addresses - he needs a medal :o) 'normal' service has resumed once more!
Now I hope Julie doesn't shoot me for posting this, but the photo below made me giggle - of her and Thimblemins Jane comparing codpieces! Julie quite obviously was very amused!! I think this was where she wondered if she was making a Tudor gent or fetish man, LOL :o)


MiniKat said...

LOL! Given some of the codpieces from that time and men in general, you could almost say Tudor gents were fetish men. ;-)

Debbie said...

Well I can imagine the giggles around the table. Looks like you had a great time..

Debie Lyons said...

LMAO Tudor fetish dolls. Well I was green before you went and now I am even greener LOL You lot made some fab stuff. And its nice to see the twinkle in Julies eyes :O).
Debie xxx