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I always new my dog wasnt wired up right!

Ok this post is nothing to do with my miniatures, rather the dog's ones!
My Twinkle has decided she is having 'puppies', not the usual variety though, she is having a phantom pregnancy and is currently 'nursing' a tennis ball, a velvetty flower and a resin goat stolen from outside my skool of majick! I always new she wasnt wired up right!

I had to take the chicken back to the vet yesterday, ( in an old microwave box which caused much hilarity from the receptionists!) and asked about the dog while I was there & was told to just leave her to it and she'll get over it in a couple of weeks. The chicken is much the same, but not in any discomfort so her and her lump are free to waddle around the garden for a good while yet. I wonder if anything is 'normal' at my house!


Debie Lyons said...

Wendikins there so no such thing as normal LOL Awww look at Twink shes a beautiful rotti. And good news about the chuck whiles she is happy and clucking may she have many happy carefreedays!
Debiekins xxx

Debbie said...

Oh Bless poor Twinkle. One of my Dogs used to have phantom pregnancies. But she'd steal shoes or teddy bears and produce milk for them.
Glad to hear the Chicken is OK..
Mini Hugs x

MiniKat said...

Twinkle is such a love! Please give her some hugs from me? I just adore Rotties! :-)

Glad to hear the bird is doing better. Hope she's well on her way to mending.

"Normal" is overrated!