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banisters & more sticky fingers

I've pulled my finger out of where-ever it was it got stuck and have been getting on with a few overdue neccessaries in the Skool of Majick :o)

As some of you may know , I don't like doing woodwork... it conjures images of splinters and chopping bits off of digits usually, so it was ignored.... until now.

Now, most normal people buy ready made stair banister railing thingies... not me, I'm a tightwad, and despite limited abilities with anything wood, thought it would be easier? better? or just cheaper, to do it meself!

marking up, for dowelling so that it stood a chance of not falling apart! I had to add a thin woodstrip at the bottom for the spindles to be glued to, to save my sanity attempting to work out how to secure them to the floor otherwise!!

I then used a 2mm drill bit, to make a hole just big enough for a bit of chopped off toothpick to be used as a fine dowel.
then the bit I dread.... whittling bits of the wood away to imitate years of knocks and general wear 'n' tear.
adding woodstain... and getting very dirty fingers, I then discovered my 'Tip of the day'...
Double-sided carpet tape!!! perfect for the spindles to stick to so they can be painted right up to the top without covering my fingers in quite so much mess :o)

it was also useful for keeping the base together whilst the glue dried.

and the end result...

it just needs some dust... no creative tip there other than to leave the roof off for a bit... it'll soon find its way in ;o)

My balsa wood arrived too , so I've also made a start on the doors... more to follow


The Old Maid said...

Graet work Wendie!:)

MiniKat said...

Brilliant! Can't wait to see more. :-)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Yay Wendie! You still have your fingers :)
Looks awesome, great tip.

Victoria ♥

Debbie said...

You've done a brilliant job there Wendie-Kins. Great idea to use the carpet tape, thanks for sharing that tip...xxx

Debie Lyons said...

Well done kins you have done a great job.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I have to do this after I have laid my flooring. I've done it once before and it's not easy! Great tip!!! :o))

Michelle xxx

jotell said...

Just a thought for the "dust". Put some dust from your vacuum cleaner bag on your fingers & gently blow it to where you want it. Hope that thought helps.