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adding door hinges

As requested by Michelle...
to get your doors to sit flush within the door frame so that no gaps are visible where you've added the door, you have to rebate the hinge into the door, just take a look at your real doors at home.
So here's how I did it... Firstly lightly mark around the hinge to be fitted, I positioned mine about an inch from the base, in line with the brace at the back of the door and the mock strap hinge at the front. You can buy working strap hinges that are all in one.... unfortunately I only discovered this AFTER I'd bought mine :o( so had to do it this way.

then cut/slice this section away using a sharp scalpel (I have no idea if you can get proper mini chisels, but I found this worked well enough for me) as a safety warning... cut away from you (not like I do... I am an accident waiting to happen LOL) Cut away just a 1mm depth or that of the hinge you are fitting.
like this -

Put a drop of superglue on the back of the hinge to keep it in place, but take great care at this point not to allow the glue to get into the hinge or it will stick & remain permanently in that position ! (yep, I found out the hard way)

add the fiddly screw-pins, remember, double sided sticky tape over the end of you thumb is a godsend for keeping the pins where you want them!

at this point I go over any raw bits of the door with a touch up of woodstain, and paint the hinge with a bit of black paint, filling the gap between hinge & strap to make it look like one piece (again, you can buy working straps and save the hassle of this bit). When dry, your hinge should close flat like this :o)

and not be raised at all, perfect for a close fitting.

as you can see... I didnt find the doorknobs! LOL so havn't finished the final fitting bit as it'd be too fiddly adding the knobs once the doors are fitted properly. To fit, I will cut a similar groove from the door frame as done in the first & second step shown, and just apply a thin bit of E6000 glue to the hinge, put into the frame rebate and wait... it takes a while to dry so gives you more working time but this stuff is industrial strength and is much stronger than superglue, so make sure it doesnt get into the working bit of the hinge!!!

I have just had some replacement knobs delivered and am waiting for the paint to dry before fitting them ... and its teatime... and Im hungry, so will show you the final bit tomorrow.



Michelle's Mad World said...

This is perfect and makes sense! THANK YOU! :O)))

Yes, of course real do have a bit of wood chiselled out for the hinges! I’ve found out the hard way too….getting super glue in the barrel bit…no E6000 has managed it yet though, it’s too thick! Lol I love E6000 but I find it very thick and gloopy, maybe I need to keep squeezing till I get to the thinner stuff underneath?!

My next lot of doors should look professionally fitted just like yours (I live in hope at least! Lol).

Oh you can buy mini chisels, but I’m like you and I just grab what does the job and yes I work just like you too…I’m a bit of a heath hazard too! Lol

Michelle xxx

Marisa Stein said...

very cool tutorial!



Janice said...

Thanks for this Wendy. Door hinges are soooo fiddly but I think your double-sided tape tip is fantastic for anything that needs screws.

It is so useful seeing what others are doing and how. I am still so chuffed with my razor saw!

Nicky CC said...

looking brilliant!! those little brass nails drive me beserk lol, think I could do with a tool for putting them in :) Or a Wendie to come and do it for me :) :) xx

MiniKat said...

Two posts in a week? Be still my heart! ;-)

The doors look great, kins. Can't wait to see them with knobs. xxxxx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Great job Wendie :) If you squeeze a dab of E6000 out and apply with a tooth pick you will have total control of it. You will find the door knobs this week hee hee.

Victoria ♥

Glenda said...

Thanks for the hinge tute - very clear and well done :D
Looooove the door!!


WendiesMiniWorld said...

Michelle - there's thinner stuff in that there tube? LOL am yet to find it! & thanx for the compliments, I wish my stonework was as good as yours! :o)

Marisa - hope your back is feeling better soon, dont they just take forever to heal? I know what its like (((hugs)))x

Janice - glad you're enjoying the posts, I'm chuffed with your saw idea too! :o) thankyou

Nicky - if only we lived closer, Crivens!!!... can you imagine the surreal blatherins? LMAO gimme the dimensions you need and I'll get em ready for when you need them x

Kat - almost 3 LOL by jove, I'm almost making a habit of it! :o)

Vicky - Thats what I learnt too, should've put that in the post D'oh!
as for the missing knobs, I'm wondering if I dreamt that I'd bought some!!! wouldnt suprise me LOL but yeh, isnt that always the way that they turn up when you dont need them anymore!

Glenda - thankyou, am hoping to get all this stonework & door stuff out of the way so I can finish a few dolls that have been waiting oh so patiently to be dealt with (some not so patiently.. I feel burn holes in the back of my head where I swear one of em keeps glaring at me!!!)

James Aceves said...

Amazing!Looking so beautiful!

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