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almost done :o)

I had a few hours to myself over the last couple of days, which is rare for a school half term! but my daughter is getting older now and doesnt need (or want) permanent supervision from mum!! LOL so I made some progress on the sewing shopbox whilst the playstation kept her company.

and it went from looking like this....to this.... :o)The bricks were made from paperclay & painted with acrylics, then the rest was plastered in ready made quick drying filler, sanded and then a weak dirty wash applied all over.

I dont like the door it came with as it's just mdf so will make one of my balsa specials for it next... maybe tomorrow? and I want to try out Glenda's idea for a leaded window too, you can see her fantastic tutorial here.
I'm on an urge to get it all finished as I want to make a start on my steampunk mousientists house ... and because it'd be quite novel to actually have something FINISHED for a change!!! :o)

I did take lots of pics while I decorated it, but wasnt sure if anyone would actually want a step by step how to do it with paperclay and polyfilla? let me know if you want to see how it's done.


RosieB said...

Yes please, I would really appreciate more pics and maybe even a step by step for the paperclay/polyfilla

I'm so new to miniatures I need all the help I can get. I love the finish on this house

Thanks so much ;)

Michelle's Mad World said...

This IS a great look and I love the paperclay bricks and that plaster finish too! If my bricks look like that I will be over the moon and off to somewhere very sunny! lol I have the whole of Slug and Jiggers to do and more!

What brand polyfiller did you use (erm yes I was trying to look around corners to that Ronsel tub?!?) lol

That tutorial from Glenda is fab...truly, but I'd be so hopeless at that, I'm rotten at straight lines so goodness knows what mine would turn out like! I like the golfers lead idea (Susan has stated it a few times)..and I think Rik Pierce uses it too.

I LOVE that kit too, is it by the Dollshouse Builders?

Michelle xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Thankyou RosieB, & welcome. Do you have a blog too, I couldnt find one :o( I always enjoy looking at other mini blogs.
I'll sort out a tutorial sometime soon, & hope it helps.

Michelle - you did make me giggle, visions of you enlarging pics just to see the label! LOL I used "Ronseal smooth finsh multi-purpose filler" it was £5something in B&Q for 1.2kg tub. I got it a, cos it was the quickest drying b, cos it said fine on it and c, cos it was cheaper then the other brands! all put together seemed a bargain :o)
As for the kit... I have no idea where it came from, sorry... it was an ebay bargain about 5years ago so I dont know its pedigree. And the golfers lead... Ive been tempted, I've seen some at my golf club... unfortunately tho, on peeps clubs LOL

MiniKat said...

Looking great kins! xxxxx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Wow it looks great! I would like to see a tutorial. I can't wait to see the windows, Glenda's tutorial was great. So glad you are back to minis :)

Victoria ♥

Michelle's Mad World said...

LOL I have to be nosey about things like that, who knows it might be even better than the numerous wall coverings I have! lol

What do I ask for with regard to the golfers lead...or is it just called that, I gather I'd get in a normal sports supply shop? I know you know ALL about golf! :o)

Michelle xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Michelle, its just golf lead tape, or tennis lead tape, peeps use it to add a bit of weight to the clubs/racket.... I wont go into depth with the reasoning for fear of sending you to sleep LOL but my golf isnt good enough for it to make any difference to me!!! if theres a pro shop at a local club near you they may stock it & let you have a bit to try? or ebay?
hope that helps

Janice said...

Hi Wendy, how weird we were both doing the same but with different materials and techniques.
I for one would be really interested to see your work with paperclay, I am eager to dip my toe in that area.

By the by I am intrigued by your steam punk project and the glass case is perfect, can't wait to see how you develop it.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Great progress Wendie! Im like Michelle, I was trying to see the polyfilla make too he he! I never know whether its best to make up powder to your own consistency or use ready mixed? I have some tube of filler in the garage been there for years, may have to open it up and experiment!! More please!!!!!!!!!!! Kate xxx

Nicky CC said...

looks fantastic Wendie! i love the part brick part daub look!