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busy, sticky l'il fingers!

Hello Peeps... me again :o)

I've actually done some more work on the Skool of Majick and finally FINISHED one room!!!
I've been planning and plotting for years on how to finish it, and had originally intended on having a parquet floor... bought all the wooden pieces, got covered in wood glue, sanded it down, sanded down my fingers too, sanded a bit more and it still looked awful so I resorted to plan B, threw it out & fitted floorboards instead... much simpler, and it finally enabled me to move on!!!

(I'm sure some of you out there are thinking "Plan B? I'm suprised she even has a Plan A!")

I also added paperclay stones around the doorways to add a bit of detail into the hallways & rooms... and because they are arched doorways, there was no way my woodworking skills were up to adding wooden architraving!!

First step - add a dark line into the mortar crevices.
.this is /was my palette. Normal acrylics, mid grey & earth brown, with a water to thin.

next step, applying thin, uneven layers of differing shades over the 'stones', until happy with the colouring. (this proved tricky painting in a 6" halway with an 8" brush!) Wait to dry between coats. When finished, apply a last thin coat of colour over ALL the stones, as this blends them all together. When dry, seal with a matt varnish.

Despite my woodworking skils being fairly minimal, I did however work out how to cut a nice neat angle onto the skirting at the top of the stairwell, as it is very thin and could be cut with a craft knife, so I had no worries about chopping off any digits LOL
Remember to fill in any cutlines with more stain/varnish to hide the join.

I also added some more detailing to the dormitory wall, my next challenge is to work out how to make and fit doors!!

I've been collecting those free wooden coffee stirrers for some time to try & make the doors out of, but will need a lot! This has always provoked lots of 'those' looks from my family when were out but my needs must have rubbed off on their conscience, as my daughter came home from a well known burger chain at the weekend with a nice suprise for me :o)

bless her! I still need a few hundred more tho LOL

The finished room, "Hagatha & Grumpbold's" bedroom.
Both of the dolls were made by Nicky Cooper, long before I learnt how to make anything with clay.

oops ...actually its not! now I see it in a picture, it needs something at the windows! Aaarrgghh! what do you think? more stonework around the windows, or dark curtains?... or both?
is a miniature setting ever really finished?!


Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

Looks great :0) Ummm.. dark curtains around the window, I think. I love your stonework painting and LOL at plan B!! :0)
Julia xxx

TreeFeathers said...

Great job on the doorway, and the dorm wall, too! I vote for more stonework around the windows - and dark curtains! :)

- Grace

Debbie said...

Blimey a blog post, I've just picked myself up off the floor..LOL
Love what you've done Wendie. Can you do Stone work around those windows or will it be too fiddly? The Bedroom does look fab..Hurry up and do some more..xxxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

thanks peeps, I think I already knew what I had to do, so thanks for confirming it x
LOL Debbie! yep I could and yep it probly will be fiddly, but Im thinking it wont look 'right' if I dont so methinks it needs both too! :o)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oooh busy busy! Looking great Wendie, I hope its spurred you on to do more. I konw the feeling, I need to get my butt into gear and make a start and once I do it makes me want to do more. Hope thats the case with you as cant wait to see more progress! Keep well Kate xxx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

So glad you are back working on the Skool of Majick. It looks Awesome!!! Dark curtains would look good.

Victoria ♥

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

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