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I'm REALLY back this time !!

I feel like I fell off the planet a bit over the last few months and have totaly missed Halloween :o( gasp ..... I know! how awful is that? but I had good reason as the gall-bladder grumbles are now all over with as its been removed at last and I can now look forward to getting my life back on track! :o) I was really looking forward to receiving a little jar/pot after the op containing the offending gall-stones and was a bit miffed when told I couldnt have them as it breached the hospitals 'health & safety policy' to let me keep them !!!!!! so the gallstone gremlin thats in my head waiting to be made, will just have to stay there as he now wont have a pile of rocks to sit on....hummph! I'm not sure how soon I'll be getting back to the sculpting but I do want to get back to it as soon as I can, my confidence has taken a bit of a knock where Ive not created for so long and Im convinced I will have forgotten how to do it, but Im sure I'll be up to no good and making a mess pretty soon LOL


Debbie said...

Must be a new Hospital policy then Wendie case when my Hubby had his Gall Bladder removed, they let him keep his stones. They were placed by the bed in a specimen jar for him to bring home. He's still got them somewhere..
Hope your on the road to recovery and don't eat too many Cup Cakes..xx

Roz & Aidy said...

My mum got to keep hers but she didn't want them! I am so pleased it is all over and you are home, they made you suffer for long enough before they took them out! You will soon be back to making great dolls, you picked it up as soon as you started first time round lol so there will be no stopping you! xx

ooakdiddydolls said...

eweeeeeee wendie , why you want them lol, trust you. glad its all over now, just get your clay out and you'll be fine. xx

Debie Lyons said...

Brilliant Wendiekins. Sorry for the late post I have been up to my ears and eyes in real life and making n creating.
Looking forward to seeing your new dolls.
Hugs and Lufs
Debie xxxxx