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My lucky week!

Oh I am a happy bubble today !!!
Yesterday I was the lucky so & so that won Mags' nificent xmas cake give-away :o) it really looks good enough to eat! and seeing as how Ive been on an awful diet for the best part of this year, I shall have to remember it is made of clay!! LOL (I shall put a photo up of it as soon as it arrives)
Today another happy moment happened when I received a parcel that I wasnt expecting, opening in dread to be honest as it was rattling ..... a lot, and I feared that whatever was within had broken en-route (always worst case scenario LOL) so imagine my suprise to discover all this stashed inside

the rattling was just copious amounts of beads running free, nothing broken at all !!
There was a challenge inside the box:
I challenge you to make a doll using some of this stuff.
Lots of love
Debiekins x

Debie is a wonderful person! I have felt poorly most of the year and had seriously lost my oomph for mini-making, and this really has given me a large kick up the backside to get going again .... I needed one! Debie, thankyou from the bottom of my heart for being so sweet and thoughtful, I shall get creating something wonderful A.S.A.P! xxx
(P.S. I love that green hair!)


Debie Lyons said...

Twas my pleasure. Now you have one week to make a doll. Get craking LOL
(((((((( Hugs ))))))))))))


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

lovely goodies!
Love the pink hair. I can imagine a candy floss doll from that called Candy, lol! She could be a sweet seller and have lollies and stuff in her hat and apron.
Nikki xxx

angeles said...

hello wendie¡¡ gracias por tu comentario en mi blog...a mi tambien me gusta mucho la baƱera barca¡¡¡ un momento de inspiracion¡¡¡¡ besos¡