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another blog

No new minis for a bit, I've been distracted by other 'stuff' in my creative stash.... anyways, I don't want to clutter up my mini's page with my stitching stuff so have made a page specific for my textile & yarn ramblings, & thought I'd put a link to my other blog on here for anyone thats interested "stitching the stash"

I'm a bad blogger at the best of times so heavens only knows how I'll cope with managing 2 blogs LOL



Michelle said...

LOL well I will take a look at your new blog!
I was going to have another blog too (yes, it's partly set-up too!)...yes, I too don't exactly post that often, so what was I thinking of! lol! I thought about separating my mini projects especially as I have soooo many photo's! lol

Michelle xx

Dragonfly said...

Good luck with your new blog :)

Debie Lyons said...

Off to look at your new blog kins xxx

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxxxxxxx

dale's dreams said...

Going to take a gander at your new blog! Good luck with it, I hope to start a second blog as well. Don't know when I'll have time for it. ;)

Thanks for popping by mine. :)