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sparkly things

I've seen lots of bloggers have been showing their beautiful xmas decs, so I thought I'd join in and share some of mine too.... although I must confess that they're nowhere near as stunning !! but they're what makes my family and I happy, and thats what matters at this time of year :o)
We have a really large conservatory and so put our tree here as theres more room to move about when lots of people are in there.and for Debbie - top right corner is my first ever Dec, my precious windchime thats always the first to be put up... holds some memories that one :o)

some of our decs, there are a few that have been around many, many years like the robin - I seem to have had that forever! but the little red hen was a pressie from one of my chicken chums more recently :o)

we usually have white twinkling lights on our tree, but the xmas 'stuff-up' fairy (I'm not normally that polite and have worse that I usually call it!) decided to attack them in the loft! so off we went to buy new lights, and they looked lovely for about 20 minutes and then one set died!! so... off came all the decs and lights and we decided to use our red holly berry lights instead that used to go around the stair garlands, only the 'stuff up' fairy had mutilated them too... wires everywhere!!! Not one to be defeated, hubbs decided to play fix it guy and resoldered all the joints to the lights and hey presto they now work :o) alas the twinkly lights couldnt be saved... we've still to put up the light nets onto all the windows, it is a total sparkle-fest in there at night as the lights all bounce off the windows .this was one taken last year of my son helping to put the lights up... probly the only time Ive ever seen him with cleaning products in his hands LOLthis dec is one of my favourites, a friend bought it for me last year and I just love it! its 12th scale too and has a tealight at the back to make it glow.
We dont decorate the lounge much as we tend to use the conservatory at xmas so this tiny tree is the only one in this room LOL. but I do have one in my craftroom! you still with me?... tis going on a bit LOL
here's my stair garland-y thing in the hall/dining room...
and the dog has a stocking too :o)and finally a few recent additions to my kitchen
am off for a cuppa and a mince pie now... hope you enjoyed my decorations :o)

I wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Michelle's Mad World said...

I see you have been busy too decorating your house ! I love the Christmas puddings and the Ginger Bread man....I think Nikki made some last year, I love him!

Good idea about putting your tree in the conservatory too, you could have a real one in there and it would be easy to clear up after it! Our garden is South facing, so for obvious reasons (we'd melt in the summer! lol). We didn't have a conservatory added to this home, but I love them, as they are soooo light and great for art and craft work! :o)))))

Well, back to Christmas stuff and tidying up! lol

Michelle xxx

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

I love your Christmas decorations.
-Kim :)

Michelle's Mad World said...

Oops sorry about the typo's....I put a false stop where there should be a comma! Grrr! I have my Christmas brain on and now I have fried brains! lol

Michelle xxxxx

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

They look lovely Wendie and I do like your stairs ;)
Julia xx

MiniKat said...

Looks great, kins. Wish I was there to have mince pies with you!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

So pretty and sparkly! Im in love with your huge conservatory Wendie, so much space, love that sofa, how homely is that! Kate xxx

Janice said...

Beautiful place to put your tree Wendie, I can see the lights will reflect creating a fabulous effect.
I like the idea of your own tree in your craft room too.
I loved peeking in......how nosey!

Glenda said...

Oooooooo, shiny!!! Beautiful light-fest and decorations, Wendie!!

Kat the hat lady! said...

Beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas xxxxx