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nom, nom, gingerbread :o)

I havnt updated my blog for a while... again, but I've been very good and have been doing the excercises the physio-terrorist gave me and am slowly becoming more mobile and less achey :o) (methinks the drugs help too!) I've still not been able to get the clay out for a play yet tho as I know if I sit down to sculpt I will take root and it wont do me any good to sit for that long! I don't like to get bored so I have been going through my 'to do' list for things that I CAN do. One of the things I decided on was a pattern for a half eaten gingerbread man I saw somewhere in blogland last xmas (sorry I forgot where) but it originated here at Elsie Marley's site and I fell in love with it ♥ its ever so easy and full instructions are given on her site, including the template... and its FREE!
Anyway, here's some of my efforts at making a few for my tree.I made some uneaten ones as well as the half eaten ones from the pattern & made enough to go on the this tree in my craft room and some more go into my kitchen.

I hit a blank when trying to remember how to do the French knots for the eyes and found this reminder on youtube that helped to shake my brain cells back into action.

You're probably all tutting at me for not remembering how to do something so simple, but hopefully some-one might find it useful, my memory obviously isnt what it used to be if I'm forgetting how to do stuff I've done a thousand times before! best I not try and ride a pushbike eh...? LOL

I'm going to make some xmas pudding decorations next, I'm sure I can manage those without instructions ;o) but before then I shall be making a tiny coat for my littlest chook, as she's not regrown all her feathers since she moulted and its been bitterly cold here recently so she needs a protective layer, -6 is not a good time to be featherless!!



Glenda said...

The gingerbread men are sweet!! (excuse the pune!!)
Have you tried a colonial knot? It's like a french knot but done in a figure-of-eight. (I've found them to be much more reliable and neater than french knots which misbehave for me, lol)

Glad your back is improving :)


WendiesMiniWorld said...

OOoo thanx for that link Glenda, I shall try those on my xmas puddings :o)
& thanx for being so 'sweet' LOL x

Debbie said...

Wendiekins, it was my blog you saw this little chap on. I made a big one to send to Shelby. http://debbiestinytreasures.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-softie-for-shelby.html
I got the link for the pattern from Nikki's blog last Christmas..xxx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Love your gingerbread men! Fat and calorie free hee hee :)

Victoria ♥

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Debbie, Dejavu?.... I'm sure we've had this conversation already hahaha ;o) I knew I'd seen it before somewhere in blogland, I just hadnt saved info as to where, I only knew the website that the pattern came from and they are just so lovely I had to make them.
Victoria, they are making me hungry just looking at them! so they may not be THAT calorie free if they force me to start baking too! LOL

Julie said...

Love these chappies........xxxx