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Anyone seen my mojo? & new little things

My mini-ing mojo has run away!!! has anyone seen it? LOL I have no idea when it last graced me with its presence but it's been far too long since I felt like I wanted clay in my hands & I'm beginning to feel a bit 'lost' now.
I'm hoping that the school holidays will encourage my daughter off the playstation and into getting messy in the craftroom thus kick starting my creative mojo once more, I do have a few other bits & bobs keeping me occupied though and seem to be quite content at the moment with knitting needles in my hand, so maybe the mini-mojo was hijacked, & hidden away somewhere by the knitting fairy instead? After all, over the last month, I've also been to watch the Rugby @ Twickenham and spent a few days in London sightseeing /going to a concert so havn't really had a great deal of spare time anyway!
I have still had my eyes on minis, and have had some lovely mini things appear through my letterbox from some of my even lovelier blogging friends :o)

...some hatpins from Glenda of Peppercorn Minis, for Granny Weatherwax's hat, although she needs considerably more coverage than just her hat as she's been naked for about 18 months now... crivens!!!!

...and some cute little cutters from Julia of Bearcabin Miniatures.

I 'just' need to mix up some gingerbread coloured clay and make some biscuits to go into my Santa's shop/house :o)

...and I won Kat the Hat's red nose day hat

which looks good whatever side you look at it from
she sent me some other bits too ... I love the little black straw bowler and WHEN my mojo returns I shall have to make some-one to fit it as its a perfect size for a trainee witch - its just too nice to spend its life on the end of a bed :o)

the adorable little newly hatched sleeping dragon was made by the dragon queen, Nicky Cooper and is just SO detailed... the picture doesnt do it justice at all!

oh well, thats about it from me for now, I have a mojo to find & more procrastinating to do!