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a quick flash of my drawers...

well hello again peeps! long time no hear eh? thought I'd best pop in and do a blog-post seeing as Debbie from Tiny Treasures mentioned me the other day on her blog ... methinks she's trying to lure me back to blogging again LOL as I sort of gave up on the whole blogging lark last year as I had not only lost my mini-ing muse but also had lots going on at home & I suppose I just fell out of the habit of blogging. I am however gonna try and make more of an effort again, but if I dissappear again... I usually find the crumbs and wander back again eventually.

So... flashing my drawers???....

despite my non-blogging spell, I do keep in touch regularly with a few other bloggers via my facebook account and a few of us have recently been updating our workspaces. Ikea sell really good value storage drawers, but they are soooo plain and boring looking so we've all been decorating ours.... so,  these are my new drawers

only the MOPPE drawers on the top row are still available, they aren't on the website so its always worth a look instore to see whats new (the bottom row were bought yonks ago) I didnt have proper fancy papers like Debbie, so just scanned & printed out some of my fabrics onto paper and glued them onto some of the drawer fronts & painted the others, this is probly best done with a pritt stick as pva can cause some paper to stretch and go a bit wrinkly... yeh I found out the hard way LOL

 as for the paint in the picture... I have been dreaming of a more usable workspace AND a cutting table for a looooooong time (so that I can make loads of fabric mess without harming the dining table!) and finally convinced my daughter to swap rooms with me as although both rooms have a similar sq footage, her room had a better layout for me to be able to fit in my dream wishlist! I had to bribe her with allowing her free reign of colour choice in her new room first though, 
so, all my worldly belongings and assorted 'stuff' got boxed up (& temporarily filled the rest of the house) until I managed to relocate her lock, stock into my old craft room... 
then hubbs set to work in MY new room!!! :D 

 can ya tell what it is yet? :D 
yep I got me a nice big cutting table at last!!!
I probly will get back to making miniatures again at some point, but for now, methinks my love affair with cloth has woo'ed me over ... for now... but I am such a fickle thing, I might change my mind again next week LOL but to keep up with whatever else I'm up to I shall probly just keep my other blog updated - Stitching the Stash 

methinks now I have rediscovered blogging I'm gonna have to set aside a whole day a week to catch up & keep up on whats out there in blogland again... I may just set aside Mondays from now on as 'My Mondays'! :D
*edit - pic update for Debbie cos she does love the danglies! LOL



Debbie said...

Blimey Wendie-kins, I had to pick myself up of the floor, when I saw that you'd done a blog post and have a cuppa to recover. LOL
I Love your room, with your Dang-lies, new work table and newly covered drawers. Its a fabulous space to create in. I hope you have loads of fun in there...xxxx

Elizabeth Braun said...

I have some of those Ikea drawers, but mine's 3-2-1 - like your two 3-1-1s, but with 2 drawers in the middle. I use mine for pens and stuff like that, but it's very useful indeed! I've never got around to prettying it up. Perhaps I should follow your good example??=)

Lovely big craft room! My room's the size of a postage stamp!!=)

And I too have periods when I lose interest. That's fine, just enjoy something else in the meantime. My interests cycle, so I just wait until it gets back around to needlecrafts...

dollhouse miniature said...

It takes some real dedication and passion for miniatures to devote an entire room of your house to them.

Debora said...

Wow! I LOVE your craft room. Love the atmosphere and it looks so practical too. I'm sure it will be pleasure to work in there. I own a bunch of those Ikea cupboards too, but never thought of doing something this colorful to them. I must confess they look a treat in your room!
Enjoy your mondays ;-)) but do keep at it too :D

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