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The Soon to Be Extinct Gubbins Bird

I'd love to be able to say I'd been creating again, but alas not... I just thought I'd share with you the recent additions to my Skool of Majick & Witchery that I received in the post today from Nicky Cooper

The Soon to Be Extinct Gubbins Bird

In Nicky's words... "The Gubbins bird can... sorry, used to be found in the galapagos islands.
However they cannot fly, are exceptionally short sighted.... and sadly live on the edge of cliffs
not the best combination for survival is it!
There fore you see here the very last of its kind!
When gubbins birds feed on anything other than the wart plant they emit
the worst odour ever! The cloud of Green putrid mist will spread for miles
(and they wondered why they werent popular with the neighbours??)
The special combination of feeding with some wart plant before midnight will
cause him to glow in the dark.... wart plant available on request!"

Don't ya just love her imagination & storytelling? :D

She also sent me the very lovely painted blanket box/trunk full of scrolls. I think she should make more of these. I love it as I can't paint if my life depended on it, but it's just what I'd do if I could, she has a talent there... another one :D

off to do some research now on 'wart plants'...



Tallulah Belle said...

Oooh I love them...yes what a fab imagination.

He needs scratch and sniff lol


Michelle said...

LOL I LOVE the Gubbins bird, he's such a character! ;o)

The painted trunk is amazing too and so kind of Nicky to send. ;o))

Michelle xx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I Love him and am so glad he came to live with you. He is so cute with his glasses :)
The chest is Awesome! Nicky is so thoughtful :)


Debbie said...

Wendie, I read Nicky's Story over on FB and I Loved it. I wonder who nabbed the Gubbins Bird. Glad he's gone to a good home in the Skool Of Majick. xxx

Jean Day said...

Love Nicky's Gubbins Bird! *Jean