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a white xmas, a semi frozen chicken & a very cute dragon

How cold is it out there? Brrrrrrrrrrrr !!!! first there was a hard frost, that changed my chicken wire into barbed wire!!then came the snow!this was taken just a few miles from my home, on Saturday morning when I had to go and collect a xmas pressie or it wouldnt have been delivered in time! when I saw the hill I had to drive up (and down) I was very grateful for the 4x4 I own!!! its since snowed again & we now have quite a few more inches here. Despite the cold, I do think it looks very pretty.
My poor chooks however, arent impressed by the white stuff at all !!! they looked so cold today, the littlest one in particular was actually shivering as she still hasnt grown back all the feathers from her last moult, so has a virtually bald front poor thing. So I made her a little xmas 'apron' to keep her chest warm, but she made a bit of a fuss and looked like she was really having trouble walking in it so I made her a pullover vest instead and she seemed much happier in that one... methinks she maybe at first misunderstood the whole xmas 'dressed chicken' thing? :o)

(and following an earlier conversation, Kat... no to the carpets and mini bar! and Nikki... no to the blankets and sky tv! LOL)

I cant remember if Ive told you before, but I have quite a few miniatures made by the very talented Nicky Cooper , I have several of her dolls and more recently, a couple of her amazing dragon creations too. This was the latest one I managed to get a few weeks ago, it made me smile and I just knew I had to have it :o) I havn't decided yet whether he's gonna go on the Skool of Majick roof terrace next to the potting table or in the potion room/kitchen. neither are finished so I think I shall try both and see what looks best. She's not only talented but a very sweet friend as well, as I received a lovely suprise package from her a few days ago, with this very special xmas gift inside. isnt it beautiful?! I've called him Santie Claws and he's hanging in pride of place now on my xmas tree!
I have a few more things I still need to do before the big day, and should be ready as long as we get no more white stuff preventing me from getting out & about!
I know that most of England and in fact most of the northern hemisphere countries have had lots of snow recently so wherever you are, take care out there if you're out & about, especially if like me you're doing last minute rushing about .



Glenda said...

Driving on snow can be very exciting!
Your poor wee chook - she's lucky to have a clever lady to make her a vest :)

Loooove your new dragons - especially the one in the bath!!

Best wishes from warm, wet and humid New Zealand :)))

berri said...

lucky chicken:) lovely pics of snow as well:)


Debbie said...

LOL Wendie, can't believe your making vests for the Chooks. Next thing your be installing a Hot Tub. Bless her she does look nice and snug.
Love Nicky's Dragons, the one having a bath is brilliant. Love the Ornament as well..Still about -10 here and its not set to warm up till Boxing Day!
Merry Christmas xxxx

Marisa Stein said...

That looks like my Drive to work yesterday, we're supposed to get more today too..I can't wait for this to be over

Merry Christmas

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Lucky chicks Wendie. Your little dragon is precious!

Merry Christmas
Victoria ♥